Model Trucks

Producing high-quality replica scale model trucks is at the heart of our product range.

Customising the decoration entirely to your needs and requirements, from a wide variety of trucks and trailer we can produce the ultimate high-quality scale model truck.  With a huge range of branded merchandise that’s available, there’s no greater and more relevant product for a transport company than replicating their real-life trucks in miniature.  With a choice of scale-sizes, we’re able to tailor every aspect of a customer’s requirement thanks to our flexible approach to each and every project.

Whilst ensuring we produce the highest quality model truck interpreting your individual requirements in terms of decoration and truck style, we also pay careful attention to the packaging of our models.  First impressions are once-only occurrences and in addition to ensuring our models leave an indelible mark on their recipients, providing added-value opportunity to give your branding additional exposure can be found in the way all our models are packaged.

How we work

  • 1. Your Enquiry

    We receive your enquiry with all details as to your requirements so that we can then determine the correct approach to offer you the right model.

  • 2. Quotation

    Having interpreted your requirements, we prepare a no-obligation quotation for you to consider.

  • 3. Order

    Upon accepting our quotation, we receive your order with all supporting artwork to enable us to prepare artwork layout for you to then check and approve prior to mass-production.

  • 4. Artwork & Production

    After carefully checking all aspects of the artwork, once you approve the artwork, the process of mass-production commences.

  • 5. Delivery

    Once production is completed, your order is then packed and prepared for delivery to you.

Model Vans

Not all our customers operate, or require a full truck and trailer model and a large part of the transport on our motorways is covered by vans.

Using the same principles as our model trucks, we can offer a wide variety of vans depicting different brands in a range of scale-sizes.  Each one is individually packaged in our standard-issue branded packaging.